New Slug Line between Franconia-Springfield and L'Enfant Plaza

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    You’ve heard metro safetrack phase three will be shuting down metro service between Braddock Road and Reagan National, from July 5, through July 11, 2016. As an alternate to help commuters a new slug line is being formed between “Franconia-Springfield kiss and Ride” and “L’Enfant Plaza Metro”
    Slug Pickup at Franconia Springfield kiss and ride to LEnfant
    Drivers and slugs, download the sluglines mobile app and check in to show the real-time status of the slug line.


    Use the flyer “Slug Lines between Franconia-Springfield and L’Enfant” to spread the word


    If interested in attracting new drivers or riders, use the destination signs “Slugs Placard – Franconia-Springfield and L’Enfant” to display on the dashboard or hold the signs when you are at the line.


    Questions or suggestions to improve slugging experience are welcome…

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    Do drivers pick up riders for the Pentagon or Rosslyn from this location?

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    There are more riders than drivers at this location. Both riders and drivers are some trying out this new location as they have lot more parking than at Bob’s and easy access to HOV lanes. Give it a try, you may find drivers going to different locations.

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    Status check. Is this line still active after the SafeTrack work? I saw the sign on a lamp post at the Franconia Kiss-and-ride lane, but didn’t see any action this morning. I’m a driver in Kingstowne looking for riders to Pentagon North or Rosslyn. Anyone out there?

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      We have some commuters who were interested, if you drive regularly at a specific time we can find riders for you. Let us know your preferred pickup time in the morning. We expect Franconia-Springfield to pickup when Bob’s parking lot will be closed for construction later this year.

      In the afternoon, there are drivers who pull up near the sign and pick up riders waiting at the PRTC bus stop going to Woodbridge.

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    Thanks. I’ll be driving most days Mon-Thurs to Rosslyn. I would pick up at Franconia-Springfield metro at 0700-0715 with room for 2 riders to Pentagon North or Rosslyn. If you can link me up with some interested riders I’d appreciate it. I can’t offer return rides South due to my schedule.

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    Where is the slug-line at the Franconia-Springfield metro station? I would like to slug from there, and prefer going to 14th and Constitution (Commerce Bldg). Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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