Mark Center Slug line at Horner Road


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    David H

    Anybody interested in starting a new slug line from Horner Rd to Mark Center?

    I would suggest the lane next(west) to the crystal city line, just opposite to the pentagon line. It will be easy for slugs to switch to Pentagon slug line or hop in a bus.

    – David

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    John B

    We are looking for slugs to drop off and pick up at the Marl Center occasionally. With the new ramp opening soon, one would think this will pick up a bit faster. I would suggest forming a line at the North bus stop opposite of the pentagon. As you stated this would make it easy for someone to still access the line or bus to the pentagon but make it easier to pick up and avoid the traffic on the south side.

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    Hello David and John, We agree, see the map at

    Please let us know if you have any suggestions.


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    I waited at the Mark Center line for about 10 minutes but no riders, ended up picking up slugs for the Pentagon.
    Is there a good time to pick up Mark Center slugs from Horner?

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    Anyone slugging to Mark Center?

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    What is a good time for slugging to Mark Center from Horner Rd? Anybody have luck finding a ride?


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      Hello Tonay I am seeking a rider going to the Mark center. Kindly let me know if you are interested.


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    I went looking for a dedicated Mark Canter slug line at the horner lot. I didn’t see one and just picked up pentagon riders and turned around.

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      Hello Lisa,

      I would like to know If you are still Interested in going to the Mark center. I am seeking a rider.


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    I would also like to know if there is anyone going to the Mark center and / or of there is any lane for it. I drive but do not see anyone going to Mark Center.


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    Madiha, we tried to start a line at the Horner, but there was no traction. Do you have access to the Mark Center email list?

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    Where is the line to get people at the Mark Center?

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