New Afternoon Slug Pickup Location at the Navy Yard

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    In preparation for the Van Ness school opening at 5th St & M St SE (current Slug Pickup location) DDOT and DC Public Schools are proposing a new slug pickup location to ease the traffic. Signs will be posted to guide riders and drivers. DDOT and school parents have volunteered to help the move.
    Current Slug Pickup location: 5th St & M St., DC 20003
    New Slug Pickup location: 300 M St SE, DC 20003
    Tentative Move Date: September 6th, 2016
    Questions, concerns, or proposals join the conversation!
    Download the flyer: Changes to Slug Pickup Location at the Navy Yard starting 09/06/2016

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    Elsie A. Velez

    Good Afternoon,

    I am concerned that the location that has been chosen via DDOT & the DC Public Schools is too far a location for those who are walking from the Navy Yard. Which would not only cause riders to have to leave their offices earlier to obtain a slug ride but it would also cause a problem for those who slug and cannot walk very far due to medical issues.

    This location is also concerning due to the inclement weather and treturous walk from snow and ice, many employees would have to walk over from the Navy Yard would have to endure to get to that location.

    Could you please advise why not across the street from the Isacc Hull Gate where some people already obtain slug rides or the other location would be across from the 9th where the WagTime and Dominos are situated. There are alternatives which would be better suited to alleviate congestion towards Van Ness Elementary.

    Thank you,

    Elsie A. Velez, Lead LPN
    Washington Navy Yard
    202 433 0244

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      Elsie, can you please connect with Kevin, Judy, Janet, Lolita and other slugs from east of 5th street to form a line at WagTime or Hull Gate?

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      This is a big problem. There are too many people at the new location. Drivers do not know what group they are picking up. Yesterday there were four different groups of people hanging around the pick up point. It is crowded with buses and vehicles waiting to Pick up employees of 300m. The drivers I have talked to do not like this location to congested. No clear entry in or out. Consider moving this closer to navy yard out of the congestion.

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      Darren, I agree. While I was in line last week, a car pulled up to the line and two slugs got in, but the car was picking someone else up. So the slugs had to get out, but by that time a car that was actually picking up slugs had pulled up behind the other car and had already picked up the next slugs in line. I think the best option for the line (other than the previous location at 5th street), would be along M street right at the new corner of the side street they have put in between L and M streets. It looks like it is about to open and would provide another access point for drivers from other directions. Its also offset from Isaac Hull gate so there is enough room for vehicles and pedestrians exiting the Yard, etc.

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    Judy Hall

    I second what Ms. Velez says about the move of the slug line. The 300 M Street choice is very congested as it is. There is very little space to afford a line and smaller space for a driver to get close for pick up. If there is no room for pick up, persons will be going into the street to get into a car. This would hold up traffic on M and presents a danger for persons getting into cars.

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    Judy Hall

    I also vote for a line to be placed across from Isaac Hull gate. This would be a much better choice.

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    Bill Chang

    I am supportive of the idea but would suggest moving the line down the street a little (maybe 100 ft West) to deal with the congestion in front of 300M. I believe Navy Yarders will still use the Hull Gate Line anyway.

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    Marcher Castell

    I am very happy with the new location! It is only a block and a half from the current location, has an overhang for inclement weather, a no parking zone to make it easiwr to pick up, and is not on a congested corner or too close to a bus stop. In front of the 6th street gate is so loaded with busses and traffic and pedestrians. The other corners that had potential are intensely congested and not as accessible. Slugs come from both sides of 300 M street, and the new location is close to the metro and prtc stop if you nees to change options. Change can be unsettling, and there is never a solution that suits 100% of affexted people, but 300 M is overall a sound and reasonable adaptation in the face of all of our possible options in this area. Thank you so much for looking out for us!

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    Janet Silcox

    Too far for navy yard riders.

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    Annie W

    I support the move to 300, M street. Navy Yard slugs can use 300, M Street or the current Hull Gate line.

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    I agree with those concerned with the proposed 300 M St. line. It is too congested with buses and shuttles along with other vehicles dropping off and picking up passengers. The original 5th st. location was chosen as a midpoint for riders walking along M st from their offices. The new location predominantly benefits riders at DOT and 300 M. Besides, according to the flyer posted at the existing line, DDOT and DC public schools proposed 6th st. across from the Navy Yard gate… So who changed the proposal? BTW, not sure what others are referring to, but there is no line at WNY gate now. There are numerous shuttles that run up and down M st. and drop off at the gate for those farther away… So I recommend relocating the line across from the WNY gate, but about 20m east to allow for cars to line up away from the bus stop, which is another benefit (to be in close proximity to the bus stop).

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    I think it’s a great idea to move the slug line as it is very dangerous with all the construction, the school traffic, the assisted living traffic and folks entering and exiting the city. However, it make sense to move the slug line down a little closer to the main gate at the WNY (Kevin I agree)……to possibly relocate line to the area right “in front of the playground of the school”. If that area doesn’t work, then it can be moved “right across from the WNY main gate to the right of the bus shelter by a few feet”.
    Remember there are people walking from Maritime and further distances on the WNY itself before they even get “to the street” and then they have to continue walking to the slug line. Lastly, 300 M Street has a lot of traffic, stopped cars, etc. So while the location won’t make everyone happy, we need to agree on a safe, functional location for pick-up. There are shuttles that drop employees off on either side of M Street allowing easier access to the slug lines vice walking. Something to think about!!!!

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    About 40 riders and drivers provided input, 23 were positive, for 10 change didn’t matter and 7 raised concern more about the distance and traffic. We all know some of slugs has to walk 500 feet east or west from the current location. Below are some of the feedback that we got regarding the move to 300 M Street.
    1) 300 M is closer to the Metro, slugs have a option to take Metro to LEnfant or Pentagon slug pickup locations
    2) Slugs can take PRTC bus if they don’t get a ride, PRTC stops at 4th and M st. (There is a bus at 6:00 PM)
    3) For drivers 3rd st. has direct access to I-395
    4) 300 M has a wider paved sidewalk to accommodate riders forming a line
    5) 300 M has a over hanging shelter in case of inclement weather
    6) No Bus stop in the 300 block
    7) No parking all the time in front of the building that allows drivers to pull up and pick up riders without double parking.
    1) Too far for WNY riders
    2) Heavy traffic in the afternoon hrs.

    That said if there are enough riders and drivers WagTime may be a place to form another slug line. Thoughts?

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      Only 40 riders. I have been slugging in the area since DEC. The majority come from Navy Yard. There is a ton of congestion at 300 M. There no congestions at Isaac Hull. The buses run through very quickly with minimum challenges. Moving it to 300 M would create further congestion in that area. Slugs can still use the PRT at Isaac Hull. If your going to use the metro doesn’t matter where you work.

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      The construction at the school is almost done, how is that relevant at this point? Besides that construction on M St is a fact of life.

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    Judy Hall

    When you slug the other options mentioned do not matter, i.e. bus, metro, etc. The object is to slug home. This definitely is a plus for DOT riders. 300 M Street is very congested in front of building as this is where many eslug drivers pick up their riders. 300 M is too far to walk for WNY slugs. I vote for the front of Isaac Hull across the street then down some in front of where the playground is situated.

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    Janet Silcox

    How about standing behind the bus pick between 4th and 5th right across from where we stand now? There is a large tree along the fence line.

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    Janet Silcox

    Where are the 23 positive?

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      Janet, can you team up with other slugs from east of 5th street to form a second line at WagTime or Isaac Hull?

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    Under what forum and how were riders and drivers selected to provide input? A sample of 40 out of many hundreds is not very large! Under what authority do we have to move the line? We are self-regulating…

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      Kevin –
      DDoT and DC Public schools initiated this move as a part of safe route program. Can you team up with other slugs from east of 5th street to form a line at WagTime or Hull Gate?

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      What is the concern with the line where it is? And why have a forum to discuss proposals about where to move the line of it’s already been decided where to move the line by a minority? Drivers are much less affected by a move, no matter where they depart from. I don’t think anyone is suggesting having the line immediately across from the gate, but rather about 30 feet down so there’s enough room.

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      Do they want to keep slugs safe from DCPS students? These kids are tiny, unlikely to do the damage those riding Metro do. They can’t possibly think, or even remotely imply, that slugs standing in a line, minding their own business are a threat to these kids. That is beyond insulting to hardworking people just trying to get home from work.

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    Marcher Castell

    I work at the yard and pick up riders in the afternoon. Fegarding the proposal to have the line right at 6th street across from isaac hull gate – that is one of the most congested areas possible. Sometimes there are so many people in the crosswalk that you cant get off base. Crossing traffic, busses and shuttles, people waiting for public transportation – it can be a suoer nightmare. Not to mention a security concern for the base. The new location is only a block and a half away. The only way to figure out what works is to try. A lot of us remember when the ikea relocated lines, or the pentagon line restructuring, or other line movements. Let’s give this a go and documents our experiences and after some time and seasonal observations see if there are things that would make it better. We the drivers and riders make this work. Let’s do it together

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    Janet Silcox

    There is nothing wrong with where we already have a line. We can stand on the other side of 5th by the black fence. Wag time is opposite the Navy Yard exit. That is not an option.
    Sounds like you have your mind made up no matter what anyone says.
    DOT riders need to understand that the Navy Yard is not a building, it is a matrix of several buildings made of several blocks. There are people who work nearly a mile from the current slug line. There are also people that work at Maritime Plaza who are even further away. Being closer to the Metro and bus means nothing to is as we want to slug home. Most of the Navy Yard sluggers are also contractors and do not have options for subsidized travel. That’s why we slug.

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    Joann Ruiz

    The location selected is not convenient for everyone in the Navy Yard area. Employees from the base will have to walk farther down. That without taking in consideration that during game season the farther you go the worse traffic is. I personally has been in traffic jam there for over an hr.

    I support Elsie

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    I support Isaac Hull Line. Thanks Elsie!

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    I respectfully disagree with the new slug line location because is too far away from the Navy Yard. This new location is a challenge for the employees with medical conditions, such as myself. In addition, this area gets extremely congested during baseball game season.

    I proposed that the new location be moved to 7th street.

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    Joann Ruiz

    For the employees that work on Maritime Plaza 12th St SE and the employees from the base that are located closer to 11th St SE and 9th St SE is already far enough to go to 5th St; moving the line further down is not reasonable.

    If your concern involves 80 M St SE employees there is 1.2 mile between 80 M St SE and Maritime Plaza. The proposed location of Isaac Hull Gate is exactly .6 mile which it will be half way for both, 80 M St SE and Maritime Plaza sluggers.

    We are asking for a fair pick-up point

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    WOW, we really have a first world problem, we are complaining about where to get a FREE RIDE. One of the posts above said it was 1.2 miles from one end of M street to the other, in many places in the world employees must considerably farther for work; students for school; or people for clean water. Please put this into perspective, this is a change to our routine but a reasonable alternative to accept. Anyone who does not see that M Street and 6th at the Hull gate is congested may not be observing it during the midst of an afternoon commute – this location is not a safe or protected place for people to stand or cars to pick up, nor is it convenient for drivers pulling off if the Yard to cross 3 lanes of traffic to pick up riders. Not to mention that adults waiting in line have no business standing anywhere near a school or playground. Baseball season is another non-issue, are less than 10 day games during baseball season each year and the traffic is affected in the entire area, not just at M and 3rd.

    The proposed site at 300 M offers protection from the sun, wind and weather along with a no parking area in front of the building for cars to pick up and a quick route to 395. It provides access to the bus if required and allows drivers the ability to safely exit the WNY and cross traffic.

    I support this new location 100%. Thanks to all involved who have worked to make this unconventional form of transportation work.

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      Your points are irrelevant since they apply to the 6th street location as well. And the pickup would not be exactly at the corner but rather closer to the playground, which I think is OK, since all of the riders I’ve come across are not child molesters as you’re alluding to above.

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    Just a thought…. If the new location is inconvenient, would it be possible for some of those riders to sign up and use the Yahoo e-slug group, this may help find a daily ride closer to their working location.

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    300 M is a no-go for me. I’m coming from Maritime Plaza. Anyone who decided this willing to walk TEN BLOCKS to pick up slug ride. Physically it is not possible for me to walk that far. I can do 5th St (barely). I was looking forward to having the new retaining wall to sit on while waiting for a ride.

    Come winter, that means navigating two more icy, snow, hazardous street corners. Thanks a bunch.

    The notion of doing this in the name of congestion is crap. Has no one seen the traffic (pedestrian & auto) in front of 300 M. If that’s the case, move it down around 9th St. Bet you guys don’t want to walk that far.

    I drive as much as I ride. If this line moves, I will not pick up from I line I can slug from. I will wave as I drive over to the Pentagon.

    The irony is I just last week decided to turn down a new job because I slug from this one.

    I will not do e-slug. I have intentionally NOT DONE IT FOR 10 YEARS, by choice. I do not text. Period. I do not appreciate being forced by some nameless faceless body to do something I have purposefully avoided for years.

    The school and the slug line have coexisted for years. Is someone worried about slugs getting mugged by DCPS students?

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      “I will not do e-slug. I have intentionally NOT DONE IT FOR 10 YEARS, by choice. I do not text. Period.”

      I don’t text either. I get my rides, as a driver or rider, on eslug via email or standing in the line.

      That’s been working for the 7 years I’ve been in this line, and the years before that when I used the fledgling Ballston line & yahoo e-list which Arlington County kept working with slugs to find something that was safe for drivers, slugs, and pedestrians both there & for Rosslyn.

      I think we’ll have to split the lines.

      Going uphill to 8th or 9th street isn’t possible for all of us at DOT/300M on down, due to physical limitations just those on the Yard or Maritime contend with.

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    Janet Silcox

    I think I will stand across the street by the black fence off school grounds under the protection of the tree. I’ll call it the professional hitch hiker line if anyone wants to join me.
    If no one comes by to pick me up, I’ll jump on the bus.
    If anyone is concerned about congestion, stay away from LaFont plaza.

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      Has this been working?

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    Janet Silcox

    M St is 2.5 miles long. Just sayin.

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    Bill C

    How about 2 lines, one at 300M for Navy Yard and points W (20 and 80 M) and the other at the dog wag (or whateever it’s called) as a middle ground for Maritime and Eastern Navy Yarders?

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      I don’t think there are enough slugs in general to make splitting the line viable. This line has always been crazy – one day there’s 20 people, the next there’s 0. The current 5th St location works for drivers because they can come down M St from the Navy Yard and beyond or if they are coming from DOT, 300M, etc. they can make a left turn on to 5th St. (Most days they can) That does not work if the line is on the other side of the street. Theoretically, if it were moved across from the 6th ST gate, DOT drivers could do a U-turn at the light but that’s not a great idea.

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    I agree in splitting the lines. It seems that the line has getting longer since it move to the bldg. 300M. This is not fair to the Navy Yards, who started the line from the beginning.

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      Maybe there’s not more slugs, just fewer drivers because like me they don’t want to deal with the mess at 300M.

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    Janet Silcox

    Where is the slug line??

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    Janet Silcox

    Need the sign back at 300 M.

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      Janet, DDoT and facilities are working to solve the issue. We will get a Sign in in a day or two.

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    How can I apply to e-slug? So I can send emails to pick up sluggers in the Navy Yard?

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