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    A. Chretien

    I’m starting from Stafford, the route 610 lot, and am traveling up to the Pentagon. How does the Slug work once i get to the parking lot and how is the flow of traffic? how long should i expect to wait for a ride and what are the times that Slug starts and ends. thanks!

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    Felix A
    Yellow highlight show where the riders wait for pickup for Pentagon & Crystal City. You can see lot of traffic between 6.00 AM and 8.00 AM, when you can get a ride in about 10 minutes, of course it depends on the day.

    Happy slugging!

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    New to Slug. Need a ride from Arlington, VA – Virginia Square or Ballston Metro to Herndon,VA – Herndon Monroe or Woodland Park.

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      Latoria, There are sluglines from Herndon Monroe to the Pentagon, some take metro to different locations from the Pentagon. Hope that helps

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    Hi I too am new to slugging and wanted to know if there are any slugg lines to Union station from Woodbridge? thanks

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      Bridget, There is no slug line to Union Station from Woodbridge, you can always have a “Union Station” sign when you are at the line. Let us know how we can help.

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    Jose Lopez

    New to slugging. I live in Dumfries (VA234 & I-95) traveling to Tysons (Springhill) everyday. I am looking to start a slug line or share the ride.

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    Jose Lopez

    I can drop off and pick up at their work as long as is within reasonable distance or around Freddie Mac!

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      Carol K


      I will be working at 600 E Street NW DC
      Department of Justice

      I would like to discuss this with you.

      Reston, VA
      Ph 612-309-2771

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      I work in the same building. Do you still slug to this location? if so from where?

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    David Montanari

    1. Is there commuter parking at the old Kmart in Dale City? I was looking for slugging to Crystal City from there.
    2. Is there a slug line to Crystal City from the Dale City commuter lot?

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    Need info slugline from 14th street and Constitution to 234/route 1. Location of the slugline

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    Carol K

    looking for ride from Reston to 600 E Street NW (Dept of Justice)

    arrive by approx 9:00 and leave approx 5:00


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    Hi- what would be best route to slug since i work one block from union station? Any guidance would be extremely appreciated.


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    Just to add that i’m currently driving from Hornor to 18H and from there driving to Union Station. Any guidance is much appreciated.


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      Picking up slugs to 18th is the best, take the Arlington Memorial Bridge (to avoid 14th street bridge traffic) drop them off at the 18th street location. Other option is to get slugs to the State Dept, it is just a block off the Constitution Avenue.

      If you are looking for slugs who go to Union Station you may want to try L’Enfant Plaza slug line.

      Where do you pick up slugs?

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    I currently slug from horner road to 14th. I am relocating and was wondering if there was slugging at cushing road in Gainesville or anywhere else in manassas. Thanks!

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    wanda kj

    Looking to slug from Lorton station VRE to pentagon in the mornings around 615 and in the evenings around 345 traveling back to Lorton station.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello, I am new to slug-lines. I will need to leave at the Rolling Valley site and arrive at the 19th and I street site by 0800 in the morning. I leave work at 1700 from the World Bank a block away from the 19th and I site. Is there anyone who can help?

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    Sami B

    I am trying to get from Bobs to the corner of 1st and K Street (or someplace close by). Can someone tell me what the general drop off locations are for the Union Station stop?

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    I’m new to Slug Line, and don’t know how it really works. Need a ride from Pentagon Metro to Herndon-Monroe P&R, or Wheile Station? Need it reversed in the morning.

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    I’ve been looking everywhere, is there any slugging from Manassas to Tyson’s and back?

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      If we start others will follow. I drive by both Manassas and Tysons everyday.

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    If we start others will follow. I drive by both Manassas and Tysons everyday.

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      Lucy how would one start a new line?

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    Sorry, I meant *Lacy

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    I’ll be slugging to/from Horner Road and New York Avenue. Morning is easy, but afternoon seems complicated. Can someone tell me where precisely does the 15th street slug line form? Is it exactly the same spot as where the PRTC D-100 bus line forms? Or is it on the other side of 15th street? It’s not clear to me from the user map, which says “Omniride bus routes are also co-located with the Sluglines” but then shows a map that apparently does NOT indicate the same spot as the Omniride pickup:

    Also, I’ll arrive at around 6:00-6:15 pm. Are there still any rides left at this time of day, or should I walk further south to the 14th street/Reagan building slug line? Thanks.

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