Anybody interested in slugging from Woodbridge to Tysons?

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    There are couple of commuters interested in slugging from Woodbridge / Rt.17 to Tysons. Destinations are not set and wondering if anybody is interested in starting a new slug line? If so, what are your preferred locations in Woodbridge / Rt.17 and Tysons?

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    Jose Lopez

    I am. What days? What hours? Where in Tysons?

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    Bob Valzah

    I drive from Fredericksburg to Tysons, but I can pick up slugs from Route 123 parking lot. My preferred drop off is at Rt7@ springhill Rd kiss-n-ride or RT 123 metro between the malls? I am open for suggestions to keep this new Woodbridge to Tysons slug line rolling.

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      Jose Lopez

      I would be interested. I am in Dumfries (VA234 and I-95).

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      Jeff Borek

      Bob, Are you still looking for riders? Route 123 parking lot to Springhill Kiss n Ride perfect for me. What time do you get to the 123 parking lot?

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    Hi! I can also pick up, but im in falls church. From Woodbridge to Falls church. Off of Rt 29. Let me know if anyone goes that way!

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    Jose Lopez

    I am looking from Woodbridge, Dale City, Dumfries, Triangle, Quantico to Tysons.

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    Is Woodbridge-Tysons line working? Where can I pick up slugs in the afternoon?

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    Jessica mihos

    I am interested in slugging from the 610 lot in stafford to Tyson’s.

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    Alicia Bourne

    I am Very interested. I travel from Woodbridge to Tysons M-Th
    Is there a line already started ?

    My ideal pick up locations are :
    Potomac Mills Mall
    Horner Road and
    123/ I95 commuter lot

    I am brand new to Slug lines, Been living in VA for 4 years and the commute is killing me. HELP !

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    Jose Lopez

    I think that there is a girl who started a line already. I live in Dumfries and commute to Tysons if you find someone else maybe we can start our own or carpool or anything that works. Potomac Mill Mall would be a great place to pick up and drop off.

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    Dale City to Tysons Mall II

    Hi if anyone interested to take ride with us..
    I can pick up from any lot in Woodbridge
    1. Horner Road
    2. Telegraph Road
    3. Potomac Mills
    4. Dale City
    5. Hillendale
    6. Lindendale
    7. Lake Ridge
    8. Old Bridge Rd & Route 123
    9. Route 123 & I-95

    I am traveling 3/4 days a week to go McLean/Tysons II Mall area, Mostly I don’t go on Friday. My start time bit late around 8:30am from Dale city and expecting to be there 9:30 or earlier, also return time 5:30ies. We are two riding together regularly but we need one more person to go to catch the express free. if anyone interested. please let me know

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      Latoya Jackson

      Are you still looking for riders?

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    Jeff Borek

    Hi. We have a group of three that go from Woodbridge Commuter Lot departing at 6:20am then usually leaving Tysons 4pm in the afternoon. We can accommodate most locations in Tysons. Looking for riders-only or drivers/riders.

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      Where would you be dropping off in Tyson’s?

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    I may be getting a job in McLean (Dolley Madison Blvd.) Is anybody going that way that I could ride with? I may be able to do Tyson’s and just metro to the McLean station as well. My car has a mileage limit, so this would my best shot.

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    Interested in a slugline – leaving from Horner Rd, Woodbridge VRE or nearby location – anytime between 8 am and 9 am – but also need to return between 6 pm and 7 pm

    Any rides available?

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    I would be available to ride with you from Woodbridge at 8 a.m. and leave Tysons by 6 p.m. Let me know what day you’d like to start!

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    Looking for two riders between Woodbridge/Potomac Mills and Tysons/McLean. Leaving Woodbridge around 7am and in the evening leaving Tysons/McLean around 4:30pm

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      Hi Phil,
      Are you still looking for riders? I might be interested in being a rider for you. I also have a co-worker who might also be interested in joining this.

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    Hi JSpears,

    I am still looking for riders. I am actually looking for two riders so if you and your coworker sre interested in riding that would work for me

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      Hey Phil,
      Would you be willing to wait and start in a couple of weeks? We currently have 3 of us at the same building all riding in together when we can. (although there are days when not all 3 of us work) One of the girls is temporarily on our team, so in a few weeks she will be gone. The 2 of us left are interested in starting to slug once she is gone if you are OK with that.

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    Hi Jill,

    Yeah I can wait a couple of weeks. Just let me know when you are ready. Also, let me know what your schedule is as mine is a little flexible both in the morning and evening.


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    Cory Cobern

    I am looking from Route 234 Dumfries to Inova Fairfax Hospital> Anyone go near there or know of any lines? I am new and have never slugged

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    Anybody interested start to slug from Horner RD. to Tyson? starting on the second of Oct.

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      I would be! I’d be available anytime between 7:45-8 a.m.

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    Hello my name is Heather I live in Woodbridge and I’m looking for two or three Riders leaving around 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. from the park and ride off of Dale Boulevard near the ice skating rink or from almost anywhere in Woodbridge going to Falls Church / Fairfax / Dunn Loring Metro station / Inova Fairfax Hospital.

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    I can leave tomorrow, Monday, October 9 anytime between 7:45-8 a.m. from Horner, Tackets, or 123/95 commuter lot. I’m not sure if anyone’s working tomorrow or not due to Columbus Day.

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      Am working from Monday to Friday anytime in the morning betwen 6:45 and 7:15 and return between 4:30 and 5. I can stop in the morning at Horner rd or RT 123 and return from Greensboro or Tyson corener, I need riders

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    Hi Heather,

    I live in Dumfries and work at the Merrifield Center near the Dunn Loring station. My schedule changes but for the enxt several weeks I will be working from 8-30. If either way works for you.

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    Whats the status on having slug lines in tysons? I work in the tysons area but currently pick up/drop off slugs at pentagon which adds anotger 15 mins to my commute. Not complaining bit it would be nice to have on the 495 corridor

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    I would be interested in a slug to Tysons. My problem has been that I don’t leave work before 6:30 pm to return to Woodbridge. I’m much more flexible for the morning commute

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    Cory Cobern

    Same here Valerie. My shifts rotate. I am often off at 630. But I work by Inova Fairfax

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    It seems like there is definite interest. I think the best way to get this off the ground is by piggy-backing off of PRTC bus stops. What PRTC commuter stops in Tysons Corner are the busiest and easiest for a vehicle to swing by? Near the Tysons Corner Metro?

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    I need a ride from the Dumfries/Woodbridge area to Tysons corner tomorrow morning (Monday, April 9th, 2018). Is there anyone slugging from these areas? If so, please let me know. Thanks

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    Danielle Topw

    Anyone interested in slugging from Woodbridge to Tysons Corner starting April 16th?

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    Danielle Tope

    Text 7039671190 if you are interesting in slugging from Horner road to Tysons Corner

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    Natalie Pascoe


    I have to go to Tysons (Jones Branch & West) on June 28th for an event. I actually am closer to the 234 lot, but I think that I could get to Horner. I hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

    Natalie Pascoe

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