Vienna Metro to Foggy Bottom


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    Mark G

    Hi all, in conversation with the creators of this app, we are attempting to create a new Slug Line that leaves from Vienna Metro and Arrives at Foggy Bottom.


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    Mark G


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    Thank you Mark, In case folks want to click on the links…

    New ‪Slug Lines‬ from ‪‎Vienna‬ ‪Metro‬ to Foggy Bottom Metro starting 06/06 ‪

    Pick up location at Vienna Metro: Slugs line up next to the bike racks in the South Kiss & Ride Parking Lot.

    Pick up location at Foggy Bottom Metro: Slugs line up south of the Bus Stop on 23rd & I St. NW going towards Constitution Ave.

    Morning Slug Lines: (Peak Hrs: 7:00 PM – 8:00 AM)
    Pickup: Vienna Metro – Kiss & Ride
    Drop Off: Foggy Bottom Metro

    Afternoon Slug Lines:: (Peak Hrs: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM)
    Pickup: Foggy Bottom Metro
    Drop Off: Vienna Metro – Kiss & Ride

    Download Sluglines mobile app at

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    Finally, I can pick up 2 slugs to Foggy bottom at around 730 AM

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    I am interested to hear how the slugline from Vienna to Foggy Bottom went this morning. Also, any interest in a Vienna-down town dc (14th and constitution would be perfect, but anything in the area would be helpful)?

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      Amy, there were about 4 riders at 730 AM, not sure how many were there before or after that. Are you planning to driver or slug?

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      I would be slugging and would want to leave before 7

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      Do you mean you can take a rider? If so, I’d be interested in slugging Vienna-Foggy Bottom.Please let me know.

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      I’d be interested in slugging Vienna-FB. Please let me know.

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      I’d be interested in. How can I get in touch with you about this?

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      Send an email to

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      Tim Nelson


      This would work for me. Shoot me an email at

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    How about anything going to the Washington Navy Yard from Vienna?

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      Yes we can add, but we need to spread the word as not many drivers know about this new line. If you are a driver, you can pick up Foggy Bottom riders.

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    Hello, Any one driving from Centreville (Stone Rd Park & Ride or any other parking lot) to DC (FoggyBottom)? Thanks

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    Josh P

    Any significant number of riders actually using this every day? Would love to be able to use the 66 HOV lanes given how messed up the Orange line is going to be between Vienna-East Falls Church over the coming year.

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      I’d be interested in.Please email me if can have a rider.

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    Hi Mark,

    I’d like to be on. Please email me if anyone wants a rider.


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    Franklin A

    Are folks still lining up for this new slug line? With the current metro surge, I’m planning to drive more and am hoping to find some riders to take advantage of the HOV on 66. For starters, looking for riders this afternoon (my timing is flexible, but 5 would work well) and tomorrow morning (7am or earlier would be ideal). Thanks!

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    I wait at Vienna metro but no one ever comes!

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    Pradipta Shome

    Is the Vienna slug line still operational.

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    Pradipta Shome

    Is the Vienna slug line still operational.

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    I wonder it myself.

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    Is this operational?

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    No sign of any slugging this morning between 0745 and 0800. Maybe this line s no longer operational?

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    Drea Filz


    Super interested in this. Is this still on? Would like to be riding with a driver from the station at 8am towards Foggy Bottom.

    If something else can be arranged (such as leaving at 8:15am!) from around the vicinity of the station (Fair Oaks Mall would be grrreat), please do let me know ASAP! Thank you!

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      Havana Brown

      Drea Filz, 8:15 at Vienna Metro would work for me. I drive in and park near the White House, passing Foggy Bottom. Please let me know if interested. Thank you.

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    grant hogge

    i am interested in slugging on this line. i normally get on the vienna metro at 615 am so the earlier the better. email is

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    Seems there’s lack of drivers for this slugline? I understand that slugging is based on an ethos of shared interest (no money changes hands), but I’m interested in reducing my commuting costs. Given that we’re having issues getting this off the ground,I can drive if people are willing to share the cost of my parking downtown. It’s still, I guess, kind of a win-win, no? I’m pretty flexible on times, and travel Vienna Metro to McPherson – could drop off/pick up at Foggy Bottom.

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    Yes there are folks interested in slugging / driving slugs, but unfortunately there is not enough number to spread the time and locations. To start with join the Facebook group for coordinated rides

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    Any chance of a slug line from Vienna or fairfax to Arlington? I commute to courthouse, but would be fine going plus/minus an exit to be able to avoid rte 50

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      I could swing a pick up at Vienna metro into Rosslyn/courthouse. Whet is the pickup spot?

      I’m a little surprised that there hasn’t been enough interest in 66 slug lines….

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    Mike, for slugging pickup / drop off locations check If you would like to coordinate rides join

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