Blog | Sluglines - Part 4

More challenges to NoVA Commuters and the Pentagon Slugs


207 Views If your normal commute in NoVA isn’t stressful enough, Metro is throwing another challenge to Silver, Orange, and Blue line riders. Commuters who slug to the Pentagon and transfer to the Metro have to take the bus instead. Starting August 11, 2018, WMATA will be performing maintenance work along the Silver, Orange, and Blue lines for the next 2 weeks. Silver and Orange lines will be single-tracking between McPherson Square and Smithsonian stations, with trains running every 20 minutes,…

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15th and NY Slug LInes

Another challenge to an afternoon slug pickup location – This time it is 15th and NY


167 Views Since the beginning of this year, afternoon sluglines have faced several challenges. It started with the DC officers forcing drivers to move away from the 14th street and L’Enfant pickup locations, construction at the Pentagon, and followed by Arlington police officers forcing drivers to move away from the Crystal Drive pickup locations. As some of them are being addressed by respective authorities, there comes another challenge to 15th and NY pickup location. We already have issues with the vehicles…

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Temporary Relocation of Rt. 610 Staffordboro Blvd. and Mine Road Slug Stations at the Pentagon


247 Views Effective Monday, July 23, Rt 610 Staffordboro Blvd. and Rt 610 Mine Road PM Pick-Up locations will be relocated to the Kiss and Ride areas on North Rotary Road between Corridor 2 and 3 entrances. Due to the current 395 Express Lanes/Eads Street construction project and increased traffic volume observed on surrounding roadways, two slug stations for PM pick-up along Fern Street will be temporarily relocated to North Rotary Road as a traffic mitigation strategy. Beginning Monday, July 23,…

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Slug drop off at the Pentagon July 2018

Changes to I-395 HOV ramps to the Pentagon


230 Views I-395 HOV Construction Updates at the Pentagon starting Monday, July 16, 2018 The Eads Street construction work is scheduled to begin on Monday July 12, 2018, and will involve more extensive traffic pattern change for slug drivers, both in the morning and in the afternoon/evening. If the Pentagon is not your final destination please find your riders in alternative locations Rossly, Crystal City or in DC. If you are on Facebook, consider joining or other Facebook groups to…

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New slug lines on I-66 Corridor


146 Views Slugging is a unique form of commuting, different from carpooling, driver and rider(s) are dynamically matched at the slug pickup location based on their destination. Slug lines assists drivers by reaching the two person HOV requirement to avoid tolls, and rider(s) get a free ride. We have about 10,000 commuters along I-95 corridor use this unique form of commuting. With the conversion of I-66 HOV lanes to toll lanes, about 14,000 clean fuel vehicles lost their exemption to travel…

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