At our meeting with DDoT Curbside Operations we discussed getting signs for DC slug pickup locations. Signage will help drivers to pull up and wait for riders, while preventing them from getting ticketed for parking in the restricted zones. We produced signs that are listed below as examples of signage in Northern Virginia that will help DC come up with a standard sign that can be adopted for DC pickup locations.

The Pentagon is the first one to adopt slug pick sign (image from maps.google.com) Check pickup locations details at https://sluglines.com/slug-pickup/the-pentagon/



Arlington followed by placing signs at Rosslyn for Prince William County and Stafford along the Lee Highway service road. Another sign was placed along N. Kent Street for Springfield. Check parking lot details at https://sluglines.com/slug-pickup/rosslyn/

Rosslyn Slug Pickup Sign

In 2010, Fairfax county acquired Circuit city building and burned down the building to construct a garage. As the county was unable to secure the funds, they made it as a surface parking and placed signs for slugging. Check parking lot details at https://sluglines.com/slug-pickup/Bobs-Old-Keene-Mill-Rd/

Springfield Slug Pickup Sign

Springfield Slug Pickup Sign

In 2011, when Mark Center at Alexandria opened, Washington Head Quarters (WHS) posted sign for slug pickup along the Mark Center Drive in front of the Building. A new ramp was opened on January 11th, 2016 that connects the I-395 HOV lanes with Seminary Road. The new ramp is planned to take about 500 vehicles, including slugs, carpools and PRTC bus service. For details check https://sluglines.com/slug-pickup/Mark-Center/

Mark Center Slug Pickup Sign

On November 13, 2017,  Stafford County installed slug pickup signs at Rt.610 Mine road lot and t. 610 Staffordboro lot. Both parking lots have two signs one for DC and other for Arlington locations. The parking lots also has raised platforms for riders to line up safely. Check parking lot details at https://sluglines.com/slug-pickup/Route-610-Staffordboro-Blvd/

Stafford Slug Pickup Sign