Metrobus services in Northern Virginia are expected to be shutdown for the second day. Sluglines had several enquires about slug pickup locations. We have 4 slug pickup locations in Springfield that are serviced by some of the Metrobuses that are affected by this strike.

Morning slug pickup locations with destinations:

  1. Bobs (Destinations: L’Enfant Plaza, 14th Street and 18th Street)
  2. Rolling Valley (Destinations: Pentagon, Rosslyn and DC destinations )
  3. Sydenstricker (Destinations: Pentagon)
  4. Cardinal Forest Plaza (Destinations: Pentagon)

Afternoon slug pickup locations with destinations:

  1. The Pentagon (Destinations: Rolling Valley, Sydenstricker, Cardinal Forest Plaza)
  2. Rosslyn (Destinations: Rolling Valley)
  3. L’Enfant Plaza (Destinations: Rolling Valley)
  4. 14th and Madison NW (Destinations: Rolling Valley, Bobs)
  5. 19th and F st NW (Destinations: Rolling Valley, Bobs)

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Slugging etiqette https://sluglines.com/slugging-rules-and-etiquette/

For more details about directions, locations, check http://sluglines.com

Similar northern Virginia bus operators strike in August 2019 took about 3 working days for the First Transit and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) to come to a tentative agreement and resume bus services. Your best options may be to telework. If you are planning to drive, please consider filling up empty seats and cruise on the HOV / HOT lanes. Sluglines helps you fill up empty seats, about 2000 commuters slug from Springfield to work everyday.

For updates on Metrobus services, check https://www.wmata.com/service/status/details/pm-metrobus-service-virginia-job-action-oct-24.cfm