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Another Use for Drones: Investigating Car Wrecks


Imagine how much backup, rubbernecking, and accident because of distraction can be avoided in that time?

“Last year, North Carolina’s transportation department and highway patrol conducted a real-life drone study using a simulated two-car crash. It took the reconstruction team an hour and 51 minutes to collect the data using a laser scanner. It took 25 minutes using drones.” – Jenni Bergal

The Pew Charitable Trusts


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Abandon hope, all ye who use Metro: With two weeks of single-tracking and shutdowns, agency urges riders to ditch the system


What is your alternative travel option for the next 2 weeks when B/S/O line service disruption starts from Aug 11 to Aug 26

“Only take Metro if you have no other option.” – Washington Metro

“To avoid gridlock, Fairfax County commuters are urged to consider the use of alternative travel options such as express bus connections, carpooling, slugging and biking,” Fairfax County Government Department of Transportation.


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2 Metro stations on Red line closed for major capital project


Today is the first rush hour morning of the Red Line shutdown. No train service between NoMa-Gallaudet & Ft Totten. Brookland & Rhode Island Ave are closed. Shuttle bus options are available, or the Green Line, Fort Totten-Gallery Pl.

  • Rhode Island Ave and Brookland stations closed
  • No Red Line service between Fort Totten and NoMa-Gallaudet U


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Impacts of impending Metro Strike in D.C.


The D.C. Metro is the most expensive major city transportation (rail and bus) system in the country, costing $4.03 per rail mile and $4.63 per bus mile to operate per passenger. D.C. area taxpayers — and U.S. taxpayers — cover 77 percent of the Metro’s $3.2 billion annual operating cost.
– PJ Media #vatraffic #dctraffic

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