I-66 tolls hit another high

I-66 Tolls hit another high of $46.75 today at about 8.20 AM for 20 minutes and dropped to $45.00 at 8.40AM. There were no known accidents or breakdowns this morning, just volume. On top of that, to the most part all metro and buses were functioning without a hitch.

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Another Use for Drones: Investigating Car Wrecks

Imagine how much backup, rubbernecking, and accident because of distraction can be avoided in that time?

“Last year, North Carolina’s transportation department and highway patrol conducted a real-life drone study using a simulated two-car crash. It took the reconstruction team an hour and 51 minutes to collect the data using a laser scanner. It took 25 minutes using drones.” – Jenni Bergal

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Impacts of impending Metro Strike in D.C.

The D.C. Metro is the most expensive major city transportation (rail and bus) system in the country, costing $4.03 per rail mile and $4.63 per bus mile to operate per passenger. D.C. area taxpayers — and U.S. taxpayers — cover 77 percent of the Metro’s $3.2 billion annual operating cost.

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