14th St and Constitution Ave

The 14th and Constitution slug pick up location that serves Springfield commuters has been moved to 14th and Madison. Riders heading to Bob’s and Rolling Valley line up here in single file at this location. The driver has to call out their drop off location, to pickup riders. It is challenging for drivers to pull up and pick up riders when food trucks parked taking the right lane. Drivers, when you are stopping on the second left lane to pick up riders, it is not safe and traffic officers may ticket you.

Peak hours
3:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Sluglines from 14th St and Constitution Ave

Public Transportation

  • PRTC buses at 14th & Constitution Avenue
  • Metro rail at Smithsonian station

External links

  • Parking issues text to DC311 (32311). More information at https://ouc.dc.gov/page/text-dc311-makes-311-easy. They are also very responsive on Twitter


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