Route 3 – Gordon Rd

The Gordon road commuter lot is located at the intersection of Route 3 and Gordon road in Spotsylvania County. It is approximately 3 miles west of I-95 (exit 130). There are few commuters going to Quantico, Tysons and Alexandria, having a sign will help get a direct ride to your destination. Consider joining Rt. 3 Facebook Group to coordinate rides

1,052 parking spaces

Peak hours
5:30 AM – 6:30 AM

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  1. How do I go about setting up a slug line from Rt. 3 Gordon Rd. in the mornings to Kingman Blding on Fort Belvoir and then back?

  2. Any sluggers, van pools or car pools headed to downtown DC M-F, leaving Rt 3 between 5-5:30AM leaving DC at 3 PM?

  3. Any sluggers ,van pools headed to 3900 Prosperity Ave Fair fax Va . M-F start work at 9-530

  4. What’s happening with slug lines from Rt 3 Gordon Road and Rt 610 Mine Road to the Pentagon? Are there still slugs and drivers picking up slugs in the morning and dropping off during this pandemic?

  5. What does it mean that the Roslyn line says (inactive)?

  6. Anyone looking for ride from Rt 3 lot to Pentagon between 0515 and 0600am Mondays and Wednesday?

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