Landmark Mall [Inactive]


  • Parking available next to bus stop #4000576 (Landmark Mall Rdwy & Mall Entrance) on the lower level of the parking garage in rows K, L, M, N, and O.
  • Parking permits are required and can be obtained by emailing
  • Parking is limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Peak hours
07:00 AM - 08:00 AM

Morning Pickup Sluglines from Landmark Mall

Drivers, pickup riders at Landmark Mall at the bust stop near Suntrust Bank 5701B Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22304. Proceed to seminary road, to I-395 HOV lanes. Drop riders off at L'Enfant, 14th, or 18th street or agreed location.

Riders, line up at Landmark Mall at the bust stop near Suntrust bank 5701B Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22304, and get dropped off at a metro station to continue your commute via metro.

Afternoon Pickup Sluglines to Landmark Mall

Drivers and riders, below locations are existing slug pickup locations going to west Springfield (West of I-95). When you get to the top of the line call for your location or have a sign for your location. People are friendly and will be happy to help navigate the dynamic matching.

Public Transportation

  • Washington Metro
  • Free Shuttle Service