Route 610 – Mine Rd

The Mine Road lot is on the south side of Garrisonville Road and has a capacity of 750 vehicles. As this lot is small, the parking lot fills early, leaving you to pay at the surrounding business. So those who are heading to D.C must start early to be either picked up or get their vehicels parked. Drivers coming from Route 610 often find their way to D.C area. Due to the increased slugging access and nearby I-95 express lanes, the lot fills up earlier by the commuters headed to DC region. Drivers looking for other sluglines like pentagon or crystal city could also pick up sluggers from Route 610.


  • 750 spaces
  • Alternate parking at Staffordboro Parking Lot

Peak hours
5:30 AM – 6:30 AM

Sluglines from Mine Road

Sluglines to Mine Road

Public Transportation

  • FRED Routes D4 and D6
  • National Coach bus service

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