14th Street and Constitution Ave

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14th street and Constitution
14th street and Constitution
Nearby: 14th & Independence Avenue SW
Intersection: Dale Blvd. & Gemini Way, Dale City, VA (https://goo.gl/maps/5VhWHVaRxaC2)


Slugging is normally heavy as the public transport be like with carpooling activity. The drivers are restricted to pick up riders by various measures like that of ticketing or waving off as no parking zone. So drivers picking up riders along 14th Street south of Constitution must be cautious about parking as there is no well-defined space for it.

Peak hours[edit]

3:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Sluglines from 14th St & Constitution Ave[edit]

  • Bobs (Old Keene Mill Rd)
  • Rolling Valley

Public transportation[edit]

  • Metro bus routes serves L'Enfant Station and navy memorial station
  • PRTC buses at 14th & Constitution Avenue
  • Metro rail at Smithsonian station

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