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Mark Center
Nearby: 4829 Mark Center Dr, Alexandria, VA 22311
Address: (


The Mark Center is a new federal building opened in 2012 for DoD agencies. The Mark Center provides a designated staging area for slugging at the entrance of North Parking Garage on Mark Center Drive. Currently slugging is mostly coordinated by three different mailing lists to different locations:

  • Horner / Tacketts Mills:
  • Route 234:
  • Stafford / Fredericksburg:

See more at: New Commuter Bus Service from Woodbridge to Mark Center ( The new HOV ramp that connects I-395 HOV lanes to Seminary Road gives direct access to the Mark Center is expected to improve slugging to Mark Center.

Peak hours[edit]

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Public Transportation[edit]

Bus Service:

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