15th Street & New York Ave

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15th St & New York Ave
15th St & New York Ave
Address: New York Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005
Intersection: 15 th street and Newyork Avenue


The relocation of this sluglines is transffered between Newyork Avenue 14th and 15th street, as the earlier location on H street is one way to cause more congestion on parking. Omniride bus routes are also co-located with the Sluglines.

Peak hours[edit]

3:00 P.M- 6:00 P.M

Sluglines from 15th Street & New York Ave[edit]

  • Slug lines to Horner Rd, Potomac Mills
  • Slug lines to Old Hechingers, Tacketts Mill
  • Slug lines to Montclaire

Public Transportation[edit]

  • Metro at Mcpherson Square Station
  • Bus service by Omniride and MetroBus

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