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Bobs (aka., Old Keene mill)
Bobs (aka., Old Keene mill)
Bobs Parking Lot


Bob's is one of the oldest slugging lots, believed to be functioning since 1975 to the Pentagon. It has an easy access to HOV lanes I-95/I-395. This commuter lot has gone through many changes like its names. Bob's lot is also called Old Keene Mill, Springfield Plaza, Springfield Mall, Long John Silvers, Chi Chi's. There is a steady flow of drivers and riders so it moves commuters quickly. Parking lot is present next to K-mart.


  • 254 spaces Springfield plaza, 7206 Old Keene Mill Rd, Springfield, VA 22150 (
  • 100 spaces American Legion, 6500 Amherst Avenue, Springfield, VA 22150
  • 53 spaces 7047 Old Keene Mill Rd, Springfield, VA 22150 (
  • 278 spaces former Circuit City lot, 7039 Old Keene Mill Road, Springfield, VA 22150

Peak hours[edit]

5:45 AM - 8:00 AM

Slug lines from Bobs (Old Keene Mill Rd)[edit]

  • L'Enfant Plaza
  • 14th at Commerce Dept.
  • 18th Street

Slug lines to Bobs (Old Keene Mill Rd)[edit]

Public Transportation[edit]

The Bob's is served by the following bus routes:

  • Fairfax Connector Route 306
  • Fairfax Connector Route 18G

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