Montclair Northgate

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Montclair Northgate
Montclair Northgate Parking Lot
Montclair Northgate Parking Lot
Montclair Northgate
Intersection: Waterway Drive and Northgate


Parking is along the north-gate and eastern side of waterway drive. An alternative route has been planned for growing ridership to Downtown D.C area for the buses that stop at pentagon. Once it is completed the Montclair community will have two routes separately for Downtown Washington and pentagon. It provides an effective alternative mode for sluggers as this changing bus routes provides morning and evening buses.


52 Parking Space

Peak hours[edit]

5:30 A.M – 6:30 A.M

Slug lines from Montclair Northgate[edit]

  • Pentagon

Slug lines to Montclair Northgate[edit]

  • 15th Street & New York Ave
  • Pentagon

Public Transportation[edit]

Bus service by Omniride

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