Old Hechingers

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Old Hechinger's
Old Hechingers Commuter Parking Lot
Old Hechingers Commuter Parking Lot
Old Hechinger's
Nearby: 1325 Old Bridge Rd Woodbridge, VA 22192
Address: (https://goo.gl/maps/9GW4ENy7rtx)
Intersection: Route 640 (Old Bridge Road) & Rte 123 (Gordon Boulevard)
Old Hechingers Park and Ride Lot: (https://goo.gl/h7stVj)


The operation of slugging is demolished at the former Hechinger's building old bridge road for building additional lanes. The parking lot is increased to the capacity of 580 spaces Which facilitates drivers exit from Route 123 and heads towards HOV.


580 spaces, 1310 Old Bridge Road, Woodbridge, VA 22192

Peak hours

6:00 A.M - 7:00 A.M (good), 7:00 -8:30 A.M (excellent)

Slug lines from Old Hechingers

  • 14th at Commerce Dept.
  • 18th Street

Slug lines to Old Hechingers

  • Pentagon
  • 14th Street and Constitution Ave
  • 15th Street & New York Ave

Public Transportation

  • Bus service by Omniride
  • Virginia Railway Express provided by Fredericksburg Lines.

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