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Route 208
Route 208 Commuter Parking Lot
Route 208 Commuter Parking Lot
Nearby: Route 1248 (Houser Drive) & Route 208 (Courthouse Road)
Address: Courthouse Road, Spotsylvania County, Fredericksburg (


Take I-95 to Exit 126A. The morning slugs depart Fredericksburg from Route 208 SlugStop, and terminates at the Pentagon in about 1 hour and 25 minutes. Business Route 208 is heavily impacted by traffic as it becomes a route to several Spotsylvania county's department. So sluggers need to be alert on traffic signs of incoming drivers.


805 Free Parking Spaces in Spotsylvania County, located on Houser Drive Off Route 208.

Peak hours

5:00 A.M - 6:30 A.M

Sluglines from Route 208

  • 14th at Commerce Dept.
  • Crystal_City_23_rd_Street
  • Pentagon
  • Rosslyn

Slugline to Route 208

  • Pentagon

Public Transportation

  • Bus-National coach, Lee and quick’s bus lines service this area.
  • Private Transpo provider by Martz Trailways (

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