Impacts of impending Metro Strike in D.C.

The D.C. Metro is the most expensive major city transportation (rail and bus) system in the country, costing $4.03 per rail mile and $4.63 per bus mile to operate per passenger. D.C. area taxpayers — and U.S. taxpayers — cover 77 percent of the Metro’s $3.2 billion annual operating cost. Source: #vatraffic #dctraffic

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Slug pickup signs in Northern Virginia

At our meeting with District Department of Transportation ( DDoT) Curbside Operations we discussed getting signs for DC slug pickup locations. Signage will help drivers to pull up and wait for riders, while preventing them from getting ticketed for parking in the restricted zones. We produced signs that are listed below as examples of signage in Northern Virginia that will help DC come up with a standard sign that can be adopted for DC pickup locations. District Department of Transportation…

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