Welcome to Sluglines, a site committed to connect commuters like you. We embrace an alternative type of transportation called slugging. Slugging is a casual form of carpooling that not only gets passengers a free ride, but drivers a pass to the HOV and HOT lanes.

Sluglines is unique because we help improve communication between commuters through our searchable map database, forums and integration with social media. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube share the slug line status from the commuters. Based in Washington D.C., Sluglines gets its name from the long line of commuters waiting at designated slugging locations. We’re here to make those lines run smoother and a whole lot faster by bringing community to the slugging world.

After nearly a decade of commuting, we were fed up with rising gas prices, tolls and the slower-than-ever pace of traffic. “There must be something better than this”, we thought. As it turns out, there was, something that connects drivers and riders for an altogether more efficient commute. It”s called slugging. The only problem was, we couldn’t find a single online tool where drivers and riders could connect beforehand to reduce wait times.

That is when we created Sluglines – a site for commuters, by commuters. Whether you are a frustrated driver, or a passenger in search of an easier commute, our site was designed to offer you a better way to navigate the sluglines. So join our forums, check out the latest news articles and explore our searchable map database today!

Lost or found items while slugging to or from work? Post it for a quick response at the sluglines lost and found forum or you can also post it on the Sluglines Facebook page.

We welcome your ideas to improve commute, email us or post your them on social media.

 Got shorter wait times? We do.

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Disclaimer: Slugging is self-governed by its participants and no money is exchanged. Drivers and riders volunteer to participate in slugging and should be aware of the potential risks associated with slugging. www.sluglines.com or its associates are not responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the information provided by Sluglines or associated social media networks. www.sluglines.com and its associates does not guarantee a ride or compensate for any loss caused.