The pain of commuters is always close to our heart!  The daily travel of every Northern Virginia resident to DC bears great agony. VDOT in Interstate 66 has better options during the rush hours. The HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes may appease your journey by getting an E-Z pass. Especially E-Z pass flex in HOV mode which should be mounted on the vehicle to get a toll free ride.

Sluglines is created to assist the commuters of I95 and I66 to Washington DC and it is in widespread usage. To make the usage more efficient Sluglines revealed a new mobile Application. Using the Sluglines App, the Driver could know the real-time status of the line, it helps him to choose a pickup location with more riders. The Sluggers could disclose their location and availability to the drivers. Sluglines App helps both the drivers and the riders to connect each other to evade the toll fee and circumvent the travel and waiting issues.

Find your regular riders stay connected with them in real-time. This the time for betterment! No more long waits! No more confusion! Enjoy swift and hassle-free travel.  Check in into the new Sluglines App execute your travel more precisely and delightfully. Download the freely available Sluglines Application for Android and Apple.


Disclaimer: Slugging is self-governed by its participants and no money is exchanged. Drivers and riders volunteer to participate in slugging and should be aware of the potential risks associated with slugging. or its associates are not responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the information provided by Sluglines or associated social media networks. and its associates does not guarantee a ride or compensate for any loss caused.