Interstate 66 highways connect Middletown, Virginia and Washington DC. Being the mostly used interstate connection to reach DC the traffic congestion is indeed high, and every north Virginia resident suffers to commute to work. Usually, the peak hours are 5.30 am to 9.30 am eastbound and 3 to 7 pm westbound. The VDOT has better options for commuters during the peak hours by opening express lanes and it has moderately diluted the issue.

The HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes may appease your journey. The stretch of nine-mile express lanes is well regulated and dynamically tolled. Between US29 Gainesville and Capital Beltway, the left lane of I-66 is reserved for vehicles of HOV-2 both eastbound and westbound travel. The toll is applicable for solo drivers to use the HOV-2 lanes and nature of fee estimation is volatile; sometimes it may give you hysteria. Single driver must have an E-Z pass, and it should be properly fixed on the vehicle.

To enjoy toll exemption the vehicle should be occupied by two or more persons, and a separate permit E-Z pass flex shifted to High occupancy vehicle mode should be attached to the vehicle. The whole system is under surveillance to curb infringements and violators are fined. The intention is also to control the emissions and reduce the fuel expenses. These regulations provide an economic journey to the Driver and regulate the transport system to the Capital city.

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