I-395 Express Lanes Opens on November 17, 2019

RICHMOND—Governor Ralph Northam today announced that the new Interstate 395 Express Lanes will open on Sunday, November 17. The project extends the Express Lanes by eight miles for seamless connectivity between Fairfax County and Washington, D.C. The expansion gives drivers new options for faster and more predictable travel along one of the region’s most congested corridors and will save drivers an estimated 30 minutes during morning rush hour. The opening comes just five days after Governor Northam joined Maryland’s Governor…

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95 Express Lanes

How much can a driver save in tolls by picking up slugs?

Since HOV started Luis lost his clean fuel exemption. He switched between regular lanes, express lanes and local roads spending lot of time and money. Though he was familiar with slugging at the Horner Rd. he was hesitant to pick up riders. After chatting up with us on the Facebook messenger for about a month; Luis joined the slugging community. Luis said, “The first day was a bit tricky even with the directions in the sluglines mobile app, but was…

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