National Christmas Tree Lighting

Slug Lines and Omniride impacted by National Christmas Tree Lighting Street Closures

On Thursday, December 5, 2019, the 97th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting will take place in the District of Columbia. Simply put, traffic in DC will be horrible, if possible telework  Following afternoon slug pickup locations may be affected. Stafford – 14th Street and  G Street maybe backed up Woodbridge – 15th Street and NY Avenue will be blocked Woodbridge – 14th Street at Commerce Dept. maybe backed up Fairfax – 14th Street and Madison Avenue maybe backed up Omniride will…

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Accident on I-395 HOV lanes on 08-15-2019

Slugging gets nimble!

Traffic backups are not new to slugs, but slugs and drivers worked together to handle this a bit different this time. On August 15th, 2019 around 4:00 PM an accident on the I-395 south bound HOV lanes near Glebe Rd started slowing down HOV traffic. One of the Stafford Sluglines Facebook Group members, Tessa who was riding, posted a picture of the accident at 4:01 PM. Looking at the severity of the accident some decided to stay at work, some…

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