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What is Slugging?

Slugging is a unique form of carpooling, often referred to as "Casual Carpooling". Sluglines assists drivers by reaching the two or three person HOV requirement, and passengers in getting a free ride to their destination.

The driver pulls into one of the many known locations for Sluglines, where riders line up.

Driver holds up a sign or rolls down the window to call out his/her destination.

Riders first in line heading to the driver’s location proceed into the car and off they go!

Sluglines connect drivers and riders for better commute
What we can offer you

Slug lines Status

No more surprises, check the sluglines mobile app before you head out to puickup slugs. Drivers don’t have to wait for riders in a particular location. Drivers can check sluglines mobile app to find the location where riders are waiting and drive to that location.

Coordinating Rides

We help you to coordinate with your riders and driver in an enhanced way. Through the Sluglines Forum, you could make your all queries clear. You can request, suggest and accept a ride, this makes better-organized and hassle-free travel. Thus a well-civilized group is created with responsibility.

Slug lines – Lost and Found

Sluglines assists in reuniting belongings that commuters have lost or found while slugging. Post the information on the item you lost or found in the forum or sluglines social media.

Organizing New Slug lines

Slug lines are organized and improved by everyone who participates in slugging. To start a new slug line propose a pickup and drop off location to gather support. Flyer and Sign helps promote the new slug lines.

What do commuters say about slugging

I think this service has a lot of potential as is gains some attention. Site administrators reached out for personalized assistance finding commuters.

- Catalina

Slugged for first time today from Herndon Monroe to Rosslyn. Great experience! Will be doing again for sure!

- Ayman

Super helpful page! Love that I was able to jump on here and get a question answered super fast!!

- Huntington

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Disclaimer: Slugging is self-governed by its participants and no money is exchanged. Drivers and riders volunteer to participate in slugging and should be aware of the potential risks associated with slugging. or its associates are not responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the information provided by Sluglines or associated social media networks. and its associates does not guarantee a ride or compensate for any loss caused.