You’ve been there, sitting in traffic on the highway while enviously glancing over at the HOV lanes watching cars fly by; while you’re dealing with the anxiety of bumper to bumper traffic, breathing in car fumes for miles behind the wheels.

Traffic on I 395

Commuters from I95 corridor to Washington DC have a reliable option to pick slugs on both ways while others working at Tysons corner, Virginia or Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland do not have much option. Now VDOT provides additional choice for Northern Virginia commuters to get on High-Occupancy or Toll (HOT) lanes, which is an extension of the existing HOV lanes. Toll will range from $0.20 to $1.25 a mile on HOT lanes depending on the traffic. The rates will be locked when you enter a segment and you have an option to exit toll lanes to regular lanes.

VDOT in partnership with Transurban-Fluor has constructed additional capacity between Springfield, Virginia and Stafford, Virginia to accommodate drivers with less than 2 riders. The new I95 HOT lanes will add an additional lane to the existing two lanes that makes it a three lanes outside beltway. I95 HOT lanes are set to open in December 2014 which will, continue to be reversible lanes northbound during the morning peak hours and south bound during afternoon peak hours.

Of course, drivers from I95 corridor to Washington DC who like to drive solo or still afraid of picking up slugs can use HOT lanes outside beltway. You all know the annoyance of traffic, why not try sluglines and save yourself some time and money.