It is 5.35 AM early in the morning, and I see slugs already lined up at Horner road. A few cars picked up slugs. While others rushed to hit the HOV lanes before HOV enforcement goes into effect so that they can drive solo.

“Some drivers pick up slugs as early as 5.30 AM” said Larry waiting for the line for a ride to Pentagon. “Drivers do not wait around the bus stop to pick up slugs, but some do if they see people waiting for a ride.”

“I always pick up slugs, there is always a high chance HOV gets backed up and I can’t get off HOV lanes before 6.00 AM.”  said Vanessa who drives to Pentagon, “I have seen people pulled over at 6.00 AM at Edsall Road.” She said, “I have also picked up slugs after 6.00 PM near Pentagon. People wait at S.Rotary Road carpool shelter with signs to show their destinations”

With the HOT lanes becoming effective in December 2014 it is likely that drivers will be compelled to pick up slugs beyond the HOV enforcement timing. It is said that the dynamic tolls may range from $0.20 to $1.25 per mile depending on the traffic to drive on HOV lanes. Drivers can save time and toll if they prefer using HOV. So, who wants extended sluglines?