Riders at Staffordboro Park and Ride form a single line to slug to the Pentagon, Rosslyn, Crystal City and other DC locations. As the line gets longer during morning peak hours, loading time also gets longer, resulting in frustrated riders and drivers. In addition, when the driver calls the location it is not communicated well to the riders in the line. To find commuters destination, we conducted a survey in our Stafford Slug Lines Facebook group. About 130 commuters participated in the poll. Based on the poll, commuters can be categorized into 3 groups:

1) About 30% commute to the Pentagon and Mark Center, and other locations around Springfield

2) About 30% commute to Rosslyn and Crystal City

3) About 30% commute to DC to include 14th, L’Enfant, 18th, Foggy Bottom, Navy Yard, Union Station, Freddy Mac

If acceptable we can split the line into three as in the image:

1) Pentagon and Mark Center stays in the current location

2) Crystal City and Rosslyn moves to the next Aisle to the east

3) DC moves next to the bus shelter

The other options is to have split by 6 separate lines as to mirror afternoon lines, Rosslyn, Pentagon, Crystal City, L’Enfant Plaza, 14th Street, and 18th Street.

Poll may represent only about 10% of the commuters, and does not break down by drivers and riders. If we can split the line we expect afternoon lines in DC, Crystal City and Rosslyn will grow to have a steady flow of riders and drivers during the peak hours saving time for both drivers and riders. Riders also can avoid transfers at the Pentagon and drivers can avoid detour to the Pentagon to drop off riders.