Although slugging etiquette is common sense, there are some that must be spelled out. There are general rules of etiquette in addition to those that apply to drivers and riders. It really makes the ride worthwhile when you know what to do and what to avoid. Continue reading to get a crash course on slugging etiquette.

General slugging etiquette.

1) Greet with a hello and say thank you at the end.
Both drivers and riders should greet each other with a simple hello at the beginning of the ride. Why you ask? Because it is the right thing to do! Stopping to pick up a stranger at a slug line or entering someone’s car can be a bit awkward without a hello, right? Aside from that, at the end of the drive say thank you. Both drivers and slugs have something to be thankful for. Drivers gained access to the HOV lanes and slugs received a free ride to work.
2) Don’t force conversation.
Some drivers and slugs simply do not want to talk while others are really friendly. If you would like to initiate a conversation do so, but if they do not seem interested simply stay quiet for the rest of the drive. If you are in a vehicle in which conversation is welcome, you can enjoy a great commute and maybe even make a few business connections. Also, if conversation does occur always avoid religion, sex, and politics
3) No eating, drinking or smoking.
Whether it is your car or not you avoid smoking or eating while partaking in slugging. It is very inconsiderate to the other people in the car. In terms of smoking others in the car may not want to arrive to work smelling like smoke. As for eating, slugging is all about getting where you need to go simply and easily without any annoyances from others in the vehicle.
4) No exchanging of gifts or money.
Drivers need slugs as much as slugs need them so no money should be exchanged. As for gifts, bringing a gift for a total stranger can be a bit odd. This isn’t a situation in which you bring along a gift basket. That would be weird.
5) Feel free to pass a rider or a ride
Drivers and riders can pass a rider or a ride for any reason, individuals safety and comfort comes first. Drivers can also pick a rider from the back of the line. There is nothing to be frowned upon if such thing happens, commuters volunteer to participate in slugging and they are free to choose who they ride with.
6) Be clear on destinations.
To make slugging quick and easy be crystal clear about your destination. The last thing anyone wants is to deal with is confusion about where you are going. It is a simple piece of information that makes the trip go smoothly.


Rider etiquette.

1) Do not slam the doors.
Doing so is just rude. Go easy on the car doors. It is important to have a little respect for the driver’s vehicle. It did get you to work after all.
2) The driver has control of his car.
You are there for a ride, driver controls the window, radio, heating, and cooling. Although true if you are terribly uncomfortable because the car is too hot or too cold of course you can ask. If the driver refuses let it go, but most are reasonable.
3) Avoid cell phone conversations.
Having a long phone conversation while commuting can make others feel uncomfortable. A quick two minute phone call is fine, but anything longer than that can wait. It is not time to gossip with a friend or talk about what you did last weekend!
4) Never take a ride out of turn.
Lines are first come, first serve. The first person in line gets the next ride and has the first choice of seats. There is an exception if the driver picks a particular slug. This often occurs if the driver sees someone they know in line.


Driver etiquette.

1) Never leave a lady behind.
Take the lady as a third person or one of the men should forfeit their position in line to allow the lady to ride. Call it chivalry or safety.
2) No body snatching.
Yeah it may sound like something from a great movie, but in the world of slugging body snatching is a No No. Body snatching refers to drivers picking up slugs that are not in line. It is unfair to both the slugs and the drivers
3) Never stop short.
Once a destination has been agreed upon, you have to take the riders to their destinations. Even if you want to drop them off two blocks away this is not allowed.
4) Allow time for riders to buckle up.
Before driving away from the sluglines give the slugs time to settle in and put on their seat belts. It does not matter where they sit, it is Safety is very important.
5) Keep it clean.
Drivers should keep their car clean and their seats should be free of trash and debris. No slug wants to enter a vehicle and have to remove a fast food wrapper from the seat. In addition to that try to avoid any strong smells such as fragrances. People can be allergic.