Slugging is a unique form of commuting, different from carpooling, driver and rider(s) are dynamically matched at the slug pickup location based on their destination. Slug lines assists drivers by reaching the two person HOV requirement to avoid tolls, and rider(s) get a free ride. We have about 10,000 commuters along I-95 corridor use this unique form of commuting. With the conversion of I-66 HOV lanes to toll lanes, about 14,000 clean fuel vehicles lost their exemption to travel on I-66 during peak hours. After a month of coordination and communication with I-66 commuters, we came up with few accessible pickup locations. We still have to run it through the local government and other organizations. Most of the afternoon slug lines are co-located with the existing slug lines in DC. Slug lines grow organically and depending on the demand and convenience locations may be added or modified by the commuters.

How do they work?

  • The driver pulls into one of the many known locations for Sluglines, where riders line up
  • The driver holds up a SIGN or rolls down the window to CALL OUT his/her destination.
  • Riders first in line heading to the driver’s location get into the car and off they go!

East bound morning slug lines:

  1. Vienna Metro South KnR 9550 Saintsbury Dr, VA 22031
  2. Fairfax Govt. Center PnR 12000 Govt Center Pkwy VA 22035
  3. Stringfellow PnR 4734 Cochran Pl. VA 20120
  4. Cushing PnR 7312 Cushing Rd. VA 20109
  5. Herndon-Monroe PnR 12530 Sunrise Valley Dr. VA 20191

West bound afternoon slug lines: Virginia:

  1. The Pentagon 179 S Rotary Rd. VA 22202
  2. Rosslyn 1901 N Moore St, VA 22209

Washington DC :

  1. Foggy Bottom 23rd St NW & I St NW bus stop
  2. 15th & NY Ave 1445 New York Ave NW, DC 20005
  3. 19th & F St 554 19th St NW DC 20431
  4. L’Enfant Plaza 679 D St SW, DC 20024
  5. Navy Yard 300, M street SE, DC 20003

I-66 Slug Lines Flyer

Looking to coordinate rides? Join

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  • Confirm Destination
  • Say hello and thank you
  • First come first serve
  • Feel free to pass a rider or a ride
  • Buckle up and drive safely
  • Roll up the windows, maintain room temp.
  • Keep it clean for the ride: Body and Car
  • Play acceptable news or music
  • Drop off at the pickup location
  • Keep your phone conversation short (less than 2 minutes)
  • Do not force conversation
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke
  • Riders do not operate the car
  • No personal grooming in the car